Razer’s new super-luminous mouse pad is the best way to go overboard

Say what you want about gaming gear’s absolute obsession with RGB lighting on every desktop, keyboardand laptop, but at least they are consistent. We’re used to gaming setups flooded with RGB lighting, but good old boy Razer is finally doing it with a new colorful mousepad called the Firefly V2 Pro, a $100 mouse pad -Handheld RGB gaming gear. You know what, to hell with the haters. The effect is better when the gaming equipment glows.

enough to make IKEA’s new gamer collection By comparison, it looks like your grandmother’s shabby colonial house. Razer’s $100 mouse pad (yes, that’s too expensive for home plate to rest your mouse on) is a fully edge-to-edge LED-backlit pad. Razer tells Gizmodo that there are 15 different lighting zones for any rainbow effect you want. The Razer Chroma app controls these lighting effects. If you’ve used any of Razer’s desktops or laptops (such as the recent Razer ), you’ll be familiar with Chroma 2024 Razer Blade 16.

There is a USB Type-A and a USB-C port on the back. One is used to power lighting effects, while the other can run or charge the mouse. We haven’t gotten our hands on one yet, but Razer promises the matte upper surface has very little friction, making it easy to move the mouse.

We’ve had RGB lighting on mouse pads before, but most other companies only offered strip lighting around the empty area where the mouse was.Some DIY enthusiasts have proven that you can even do it yourself The RGB mouse pad comes with some materials, LEDs, and plastic cutting boards. So if you want your mouse pad to match your rainbow-colored keyboard and mouse, you can do so now if you really care about looks. After all, you don’t need to be looking down to see where your mouse is all the time, so why would anyone care?

Because it’s not just designed for you, the user, but for anyone else who walks into your setup and tries to impress you. You might be excited about glowing RGB strips in and around your desktop like a gamer’s year-round Christmas tree, but inevitably, that appeal wears off.What’s more important is yours The display is bright, beautiful, and fast enough Work on the games you want to play.Your mouse and keyboard have to feel right for your daily needs, even Razer’s Hot-swappable mechanical keyboard.

The light helps you get into head space for deep play. You’re in a dark room surrounded by a soft glow, but after the first few hours, your player’s excitement will wear off. No, the RGB glow is there to announce to onlookers that you’re in gaming mode. If you want to emphasize that your setting is a status symbol, then you might as well go all the way.

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