Want to buy a new robot vacuum? RE4 Plus is a great choice at a reasonable price

The first robot vacuum cleaners came out over 20 years ago, and while they may not have been particularly efficient at the time, they’ve come a long way not only in terms of functionality but also in price.

This is where the EZVIZ RE4 Plus comes in. This robot vacuum has a lot of cleaning potential while still remaining budget-friendly, no matter what you want from a robot vacuum and mop.

Powerful cleaning of any surface

RE4 Plus Display Water Dispenser


While the price of the RE4 Plus may be low, its cleaning power cannot be underestimated. Not only can the RE4 Plus sweep and vacuum, it can also mop your entire house. This allows it to handle anything from dirt, dust, and debris all the way to messy spills with ease.

This cleaning power is enhanced by an impressive 4000Pa vacuum suction power and 8N consistent mopping pressure. In addition to this, the RE4 Plus automatically detects carpeted areas in your home to enhance suction and actually get into the fibers while cleaning.

RE4P sweeping robot


Speaking of automatic detection, RE4 Plus is not only equipped with an infrared detector but also an LDS LiDAR system, allowing it to easily avoid obstacles and plan effective cleaning routes. The same system allows the RE4 Plus to know which obstacles it can safely cross and detect falls to prevent it from inadvertently damaging itself.

This is great because it prevents you from needing to set up a map of your home like some robot vacuums do, and even allows the RE4 Plus to adapt to day-to-day changes in your home layout, such as moving furniture, dropped luggage, etc.

When the RE4 Plus is done cleaning, you don’t have to worry about handling anything manually. The RE4 Plus comes with a base that automatically empties after every cleaning. The dust bag here has a very large capacity of 4 liters, which means you won’t need to empty it very often at all.

Palm Internet

RE4P robot cleans under the bed


Combined with EZVIZ App, everything becomes more convenient. To get the most out of RE4 Plus, all you need to do is download the EZVIZ app and get started.

The EZVIZ app lets you see where the RE4 Plus is working and customize your home’s floor plan for easier cleaning. This can include specifying areas that the RE4 should not clean, as well as invisible walls, etc.

You can take your vacuum to the next level by using the RE4 Plus’s smart home integration to operate your vacuum hands-free. RE4 Plus is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, which means you can just tell your voice assistant to start vacuuming and RE4 Plus will take care of the rest.

Cleaning is good for the environment

RE4P robot performance on different floor types


While the RE4 Plus is an impressive robot vacuum in its own right, the way it allows EZVIZ to give back to the environment is also impressive. That’s because EZVIZ uses recycled materials in every RE4 Plus it produces, which helps reduce plastic pollution and gives the material a second life in your home.

In addition, EZVIZ uses the income from RE4 Plus to give back to the earth in the form of tree planting and empowers local farms through the EZVIZ Global Forest Program. The program involves a partnership with Treedom to help plant trees and create a greener world for everyone.

Complete range of vacuum cleaners at favorable prices

As you can see, the RE4 Plus is an impressive piece of kit, and its price is equally impressive. While EZVIZ offers a full line of different robot vacuums and mops for every use case and price point, the RE4 Plus clearly stands out in balancing price with a powerful set of features.

Smart home devices are becoming easier to use and smarter than ever before, and EZVIZ is at the forefront of this development with products like the RE4 Plus. Whether you’re a long-time robot vacuum user looking for an upgrade or considering purchasing your first robot vacuum, the RE4 Plus is a great choice.

You can buy the EZVIZ RE4 Plus from the official EZVIZ UK store for £299.99.

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