Tech and travel: what’s in my backpack

Technology plays an important role in our life. It’s impossible to get out without at least your phone and a gadget or two. When it comes to long-distance travel, certain accessories are indispensable and important companions in our lives.

As someone who writes about gadgets for a living, my tech backpack is always full when I travel. Other than non-essentials, there are a few items I’ve found that I must have with me when I’m on the road. Through trial and error, and over time, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks. To make your life easier, I’m here to impart my wisdom on technology and travel.

The right backpack makes a world of difference

Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2

(Image source: Android Central)

I have traveled quite a bit, whether by land, air or sea. As obvious as it sounds, choosing the right backpack is the first and most important step to properly transporting your gear.

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