DJ Seinfeld’s funeral edit has the internet buzzing

Ah, tech Twitter. Social media strips away the nuances of our lives, giving meaning to every aspect while stripping it of context.Just take this new one DJ Seinfeld edit buried “Archangel” – It went from being a fun part of the Boiler Room, to viral notoriety, to becoming a 24-hour topic on the dance music Twitter circuit.

here it is.

Nearly everyone seemed to have an opinion about the edit, with varying degrees of support and opposition. At first, DJ Seinfeld seemed to be playing with it:

However, negativity began to wash over the producers. In a note, DJ Seinfeld tried to explain his goal – “This is just a compilation I made for myself to play…”

He added: “Go listen and enjoy the burial.”

Quote—— maybe not correct – by writer Mark Fisher, who concluded by writing: “If you’re offended by this, please quit and listen to Unreal”.

With the internet surrounding him, DJ Seinfeld decided to share the clip in full.

Want to be interviewed for Burial’s archives? Of course you know—— Find it in the CLASH archive.

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