Apple finally brings us new AirPods

The latest rumors suggest that Apple may launch two new AirPods models in the second half of 2024

Main points

  • The new 4th generation AirPods will be released in 2024 with improved fit, sound quality and USB-C charging.
  • AirPods Pro offer best-in-class features like noise cancellation, spatial audio, and adaptive equalizer.
  • Consider other affordable options like Nothing’s Ear 2 or OnePlus’ Buds Pro 2 for better value.

Apple seems to be planning to launch a new version of AirPods sometime in 2024. The latest rumors claim that the company will begin production of two new fourth-generation AirPods models in May. This also leads us to believe that the new AirPods will be available sometime in the second half of 2024, or according to Mark Gurman, we may see these new earphones in September or October.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is developing two new 4th-generation AirPods; it said the devices will begin production in May and be released in September or October. The new devices are said to feature a new design with a better fit, improved sound quality, and an updated charging case with a USB-C port. You also get active noise cancellation on the higher-end options as well as speakers in the charging case, which is super handy if you can’t find them as you can use the Find My feature to make a sound so you can easily find them anywhere . time.

PBI Apple AirPods Pro second generation

Apple Airpods Pro

$189 $249 Save $60

AirPods Pro will offer amazing sound quality and tons of amazing features, including active noise cancellation, transparency mode, spatial audio, adaptive equalizer, and more.

This seems great for Apple fans, but we’re still trying to figure out whether it makes sense to buy the new “base model.” I mean, take the third generation AirPods, for example. They bring some nice features to the table, but the price tag isn’t too eye-catching. With just $20 added to your budget, you can easily buy the second-generation AirPods Pro, as they’re still only $189.

So ultimately, if you choose Nothing’s Ear 2 earbuds or the OnePlus, you can get other more affordable noise-canceling options for as low as $127, so the features of the third-generation AirPods don’t justify the $169 price tag. Buds Pro 2 cost $150.

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