Google Wallet launches support for Apple Wallet Pass

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  • After mentioning the feature in 2022, Google appears to have finally added support for the “pkpss” file format in its Wallet app.
  • Users can now import downloaded “pkpss” file format on Google Wallet to store digital passes.
  • This feature has been in development since last year. However, some users reported that it can finally be used, and an official update is expected soon.

Google Wallet recently received a new update, and another update has been added: the ability to add the “pkpss” file format, which is the format used by Apple Wallet.

According to Mishaal Rahman, Google Wallet is able to import digital passes from the “pkpss” format. Rahman noted that he received a tip from a Telegram user (Cob) showing the addition of a downloadable “pkpss” file format on Android phones.

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