Google removes Pixel 6a from official store

long story short

  • This week, Google removed the public listing of the Google Pixel 6a from the Google Store.
  • Even if you try to access the URL directly, it will redirect you to the Pixel 7a listing.
  • The move comes as the Pixel 8a is about to be released.

In 2022, Google launched its first budget phone in its updated Pixel series, an era that started with the Pixel 6. Google Pixel 6a, as the name suggests, adopts the design and main specifications of Pixel 6, but removes the design and main specifications of Pixel 6. Premium features to keep prices low. Google has since launched its successor, the Pixel 7a.

However, at some point this week, Google removed the Pixel 6a from the official Google Store (via robot life). The phone doesn’t appear on any page, and if you try to visit its previous URL, the site just automatically directs you to a listing for the newer, better Pixel 7a.

Obviously, if you want to buy the phone, it’s still available at a number of other retailers. For example, Amazon has great prices right now. Check the button below to get one.

But why did Google remove the Pixel 6a from its store? It may start preparing for the launch of the Pixel 8a, which we expect to land on or around the Google I/O 2024 conference on May 14. Google is likely to roll out some teasers and maybe even a dedicated landing page for Pixel 8a in the coming weeks.

By most measures, the Pixel 7a is a better phone than the Pixel 6a, so you should only buy the 6a if you’re on a tight budget. If you can afford it, get the 7a. Or, better yet, wait a few months for the Pixel 8a, which looks fantastic.

Google Pixel 6aGoogle Pixel 6a
AA recommendation

Google Pixel 6a

Powerful Tensor chip • Great camera • Great software

Camera and software make Pixel 6a stand out

This affordable phone has everything most people need: a great design, a great camera, a great software experience, and a long-term promise of updates.

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