How to measure ripples in spacetime

As a gravitational wave travels through Earth, it causes space itself to stretch in one direction and compress in another, so the detector’s two “arms” actually grow and contract by…

Where is 5G at CES 2023?

When it wasn’t overshadowed by the covid renaissance, CES has served in part as the big 5G gathering for the past few years.But with cars, smart home standards and so…

CES 2023 picks: Gadgets, TVs, cars and announcements that matter

CES 2023 is underway, and tech news and announcements are pouring in. Companies often make announcements at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and this year was no…

Brendan Fraser Wants to Star in New Mummy Reboot

picture: common In a new interview, Brendan Fraser reveals he’s willing to join any Restart mummy Universal Pictures may be planning.put aside 2017 update Tom Cruise (Actually, I don’t think…

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Robot on mars – NASA

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AI power train lunch by India on this July

Share market of Facebook declining day by day

Report says Keyboard are more useful than mouse.