The Wildest, Weirdest Star Trek Action Figures

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Star Trek There are very few series that cater to action figures.Its heroes occasionally do phaser things, but they’re scientists and explorerspeople’s actions include sitting at a table talking and investigating, or sitting At starship control and get them Phaser stuff.But that hasn’t stopped people from trying over the years trek’s height, which means we’re getting some truly wild action figures.

throughout the 1990s Star Trek Riding the culmination of three major TV shows and a series of movies, Playmates, and failed sadlyto restore its Star Trek The 2022 toy line will go hand-in-hand with the current toy line trek Streaming Revival – A large number of action figures were produced for the series, as well as ships, playsets, and role-play toys such as tricorders and phasers.

But due to the huge popularity trek Face it, that means basically anyone and everyone is up for grabs as a toy, not just the protagonists and the occasional villain.Bless your rush because otherwise when will you get Vedek Bareil action figure? Click through to see Operation Bajoran Spirit Leader and more as we take a look back at some of our favorite deranged individuals.

(All images from Excellent, and eye-catching name trek commodity repository, Wixiban! )

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