18 Movie Pairings We Love (and Hate) in Popcorn Buckets

A variety of collages with popcorn buckets, including Dune, Saw, Barbie, Ghostbusters, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars.

image: AMC Theaters / Cinemark / Kotaku

It turns out that Dune: Part 2 Sandworm shaped monster AMC isn’t alone in its popcorn bucket impersonation.In fact, since 2019, AMC has apparently made a fortune Selling a variety of collectible tie-in buckets for this year’s biggest blockbusters, from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrive Taylor Swift: Time Tour. I’m telling you, it’s all a scam, but this scam spawned a bigger market than I thought.Cinemark and other movie theater chains have also jumped on the train, and now someone has enough of these buckets in their home to call it honest-to-goodness collectand their interest in them obsessed.

The scary thing is, we may be at the beginning of this trend, considering that starting this week, you can choose Thinner barrel Consistent with your viewing of new content Ghostbusters Flick. After diving down this rabbit hole and continuing to be a fucking clown, I come to you all with my findings. I’m very sorry. Here are some of the best and the absolute worst popcorn buckets you can buy.

For real dollars.

Of your own volition.

for some reason.

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