Switch 2, Rise of Ronin, and more opinions this week

My Rise of the Ronin character wears a Ronin cassock (or Japanese hat) on his head, caressing a brown hat against a lush background.

screenshot: Team Ninja/Kotaku

When I arrived in Yokohama, one of the Rise of the RoninIn the three major cities, a soft meowing sound came from the distance. Spurred on by the cutest cat, I sprinted in the direction of the stables when I came across a dilapidated bandit camp. I killed everyone there, not just because the game’s swordplay was so good, but because I wanted to pet this kitten so bad. This has become my obsession with Team Ninja’s latest RPG, and as a cat parent I’m sure this game and this feline hunting target will fascinate cat lovers. ——Levi Winslow read more

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