NVIDIA AI demo shows why it can’t replace humans

Nvidia and Convai released a trailer for an artificial intelligence demonstration, neural link projectand predictably, it looks and sounds terrible.

NVIDIA, now a well-known manufacturer of graphics technology and PC computing hardware Fully promote AI voice technology Much to the chagrin of voice actors everywhere, it’s partnered with Convai, a platform that’s easier to use than ever before AI Simulate writing and voice acting on Project Neural Nexus. Project Neural Nexus is intended to be a proof-of-concept demo, also powered by Unity — you know, the company behind the game engine for similar titles trying to Forcing installation fees Previously threatened to “kill small games” and their developers walk back last year.

Project Neural Nexus is a sci-fi game demo set in Neo City (I know it’s not a full game, but come on) in which the player wakes up in a hotel after being chased by the police and “killer robots.” Soon after, the hotel appears to be surrounded by assassins, and you and your companions must fight to escape. The trailer shows off a fairly generic cyberpunk setting, featuring Times Square-style billboards and ubiquitous neon signage.Even the character models look like they were torn directly from above. Cyberpunk 2077.They certainly check some boxes, but maybe not the ones they should.


Convai refers to the player’s AI companions as “intelligent NPCs,” which is interesting considering how stupid they feel. It’s not that they can’t read, it’s that they don’t know how to speak.The video they posted is filled with some The most bland read I’ve ever heard.. At one point, the player character gently demands to know “what the gang is doing.” The next scene has them asking my favorite line: “Hey, what’s that tree over there?” Ironically, one of the robots that’s the most animated in the entire trailer simply replies, “This The tree is a hologram of the tree Yggdrasil from the Nordic kingdom.”

If the point of the demo was to prove that you can program a bot to say anything in the most boring way possible, then congratulations to all involved. If this is supposed to be some kind of promotion for the advanced and confident world-building that AI is capable of, I’m sorry to report that it’s pretty bad. It’s like no one in the new town has heard of tone or pitch. Player companion Seraph is beyond excited to “retrieve the SMG for you” in this exciting and cutting-edge cyberpunk experience.

Just finished playing Cyberpunk 2077 A few months ago, the difference first became so significant.as full of problems In fact, you can’t really blame Cyberpunk 2077 Lacking a sense of personality or style. The specificity of the writing in this game is immediately clear thanks to the use of slang terms like “choom” or “nova.” The presentation of live-action dialogue, especially the performances of the female player character (Chellamy Leigh) and Johnny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves), helps to leave a lasting impression on players. The only memorable thing about Project Neural Nexus, and really most AI demos, is how far from reality it is.

Despite these common flaws, the gaming industry is more keen than ever to tout artificial intelligence.Last year, first-person shooter finals It created a huge buzz, but the project was quickly scrapped after it was revealed that developer Embark Studio was using artificial intelligence as an in-game announcer.CEOs responsible for some of the most influential developers, e.g. Square Enix For simply doubling down on its use of artificial intelligence in development, companies are accused Using AI to scrape other people’s art It seems like every other week. at the same time, The gaming industry continues to lose valuable employees These companies should be valued and compensated appropriately to continue making high-quality games that artificial intelligence can never replicate.

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