Monopoly Go’s marketing budget is nearly $500 million

Monopoly Go, A multiplayer mobile board game launched on April 11, 2023. It has since made over $2 billion in revenue and been downloaded over 10 billion times, making it one of the most popular digital games on the planet.But to get there, Scopely, the studio behind the hit game, spent nearly $500 million on marketing alone, which is more than Sony has spent on some of its biggest games, such as spider man 2 and The Last of Us Part 2.

you may not know Monopoly Goa mobile game released last year inspired by famous classic board game, but chances are it’s someone you know playing the game—perhaps a parent, uncle, or sister. After all, the game is extremely popular, with over 10 million players every day. According to a recent Scopely article, earning a billion dollars in just three months. But this kind of success doesn’t come cheap or easy.

in the latest issue game files (If found game points) Once upon a time my city EIC Stephen Totilo, Scopely’s senior vice president of publishing Eric Wood, confirmed that the company spent about (but less than) $500 million on marketing and user acquisition alone. This doesn’t include the money spent developing the game, which took seven years, according to Scopely.

In comparison, Improperly edited court documents According to reports, starting from 2023 The Last of Us Part 2 Development cost is approximately US$220 million Horizon Forbidden West The cost is approximately $212 million.We also know that by Hacked and publicly leaked documents Insomniac’s open world blockbuster, spider man 2After going over budget, development costs were approximately $300 million. In addition to games produced by Sony, Monopoly Go’s marketing budget even exceeds that of other large-scale launches.For example, the reported total budget Cyberpunk 2077 Its DLC (this also includes marketing costs) is coming soon $440 millionwhich may be less or approximately what Monopoly Goof studios spend only on ads and user requests.

It’s a good reminder that mobile games aren’t easy or cheap to make. While many big video game publishers have tried to make the leap from console to mobile games, they have rarely succeeded, and not just because the cost of playing games in this space is so high.

According to GdocumentIn interviews, a lot of work goes into creating a game that keeps people coming back day after day and gives them ways to “beat” the game’s own systems so they feel like they’re winning, when in fact ( As always) this is the house that comes out on top.


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