FF7 Rebirth’s best materials for dealing magic damage

Final Fantasy VII Reborn Give it a broad role ability and power.Although each character can learn something offensive attack pass arms and Their Folio skill tree, materials are the core of the game. These magical orbs that grant you abilities and powers provide many great spells that your character can learn to inflict damage on your opponents.

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This guide details the different types of spell attacks your character can use rebirth, and lists their locations.If you are looking for heal or Enhance your partyplease see our respective guides on these topics or our rebirthmaterial system.

Elemental magic

Let’s start with the basics. Final Fantasy VII Reborn There are four elements of magic: fire, ice, lightning, and wind (sorry it’s 1997, Earth/Earthquake isn’t here).While these are powerful spell attacks in their own right, they are rebirthCombat Puzzles: The numerous enemies you’ll face all have specific elemental weaknesses, and once exploited, you’ll either irritate them further by stressing them out, or simply deal more damage.

Each element has a corresponding sphere of matter, and their number is almost infinite. rebirth, so while you’ll find many of them scattered around the world, don’t worry too much about missing them. Most shops will sell you an Elemental Magic Orb for 600 Gil. They also appear as rewards for various combat simulator trials.

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As each material is upgraded, you will be able to cast higher versions of these spells. At material level 1, Fire will cast Fire. Once you reach level 2, you can cast Fira, and Firaga at level 3. These enhanced spells take more time, and the -aga variant requires two ATB charges to cast in combat.

Here are some specific locations for each element (remember, you can buy all of them in the store):

fire: During the initial load of Cloud, rewards “Combat Training: Cloud” and “Corel Region Intel: Level 2” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator.

ice: In Tifa’s initial equipment, rewards “Combat Training: Tifa” and “Grassland Area Intelligence: Level 2 in Chadley’s Combat Simulator”.

lightning: “Combat Training: Barrett” and “Junon Area Intelligence: Level 1” rewards in the Chudley Combat Simulator among Barrett’s initial equipment. Can also be found in Junon Inn and underground in the Mithril Mines.

wind: “Combat Training: Aerith” and “Corel Region Intel: Level 1” rewards in Chudley Combat Simulator among Aerith’s starting equipment

Dual spell materials

rebirth There are two different spheres of matter that allow you to cast more than one elemental magic spell. The advantage here is that you get two spells for one orb (and combining that with various support materials works too).

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Here’s what these materials are used for and where to find them.

fire and ice

The Fire and Ice texture allows you to cast Fire and Blizzard at the same time. You can develop this material with Chadley in the Prairie region.

lightning and wind

The Lightning and Wind materials allow you to cast both Thunder and Aero during combat. You can work with Chudley in the Junon area to develop this material.


A final fantasy A staple, gravity will cause damage equal to a percentage of your opponent’s health. At level 1, the stone will hit 15% of an enemy’s health, increasing to 25% and 40% at the next two levels. You can develop gravity materials with Chadley in the Corel area.


The comet material gives the comet spell.other final fantasy Classic, causes high damage and It ignores enemy reflected spells (which causes spell attacks to bounce off the enemy and hit the caster). You can develop gravity materials with Chudley in the Nibel region.

Final Fantasy VII Reborn There may be slight differences to the material list from the original game, but it generally retains the highly customizable and powerful nature of these magic orbs. These spells, especially elemental spells, are crucial to the success of combat.

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