FF7 Rebirth’s confusing “Retry Battle” screen explained

As an epic role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII Reborn There is one lots of fighting. Sometimes the combat doesn’t go your way and it’s obvious you’re headed for a “game over” screen. But don’t worry, rebirth There’s a handy feature that resets almost every battle sequence in the game, putting you right back to where you started for a neat little redo. The only problem?Battle reset menu has some of the most confusing language rebirth.Yeah, even final It’s easier to figure out than that.

You probably know what I’m talking about: the horrible “retry from this battle” vs. “retry from before the current battle” confusion. Well, I don’t blame you for being confused – it’s a very oddly worded feature that should be the top of Square Enix’s list of things to address in a future patch. But before that, here’s how the feature actually works and what this screen means.

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Retry from this fight or before fight, explained

As I tested out exactly what the combat restart option did, I learned that the game wasn’t entirely consistent with the way it applied each choice to various encounters.how rebirth Defining “combat” doesn’t help, as it seems to use the term to refer to two or three different types of game features.

If you’re fighting a boss and a cutscene pauses in the middle, back In a cutscene where you continue fighting a boss with reduced health in a new battle sequence, when you tap the menu button and select “Retry Fight” you’ll see two options:

  • Try again from this battle
  • Try again from before the battle

Selecting “This Battle” will take you to the beginning of the battle and engage in combat, which means you’ll be immediately thrown into the beginning of the battle. This is a great option if you just want to erase the entire battle and start from scratch with the intention of continuing the fight.

Final Fantasy 7 Reborn's menu screen shows different options for resetting the battle.

NOTE: The background has been blurred to hide enemy names.
screenshot: Square Enix/Claire Jackson/Kotaku

Selecting “Pre-Combat” takes you to the moment before engaging in combat, meaning you are out of combat and must do whatever the sequence asks you to do to start combat (such as walking past a certain point). If you want to exit combat completely, you should select “Before Combat” Go do something else (assuming you’re not at a point in the story that doesn’t allow you to go out and traverse the world, like the series of boss fights at the end of the game).

Retry from before the current battle, this battle, or before the battle, explained

If you are working with someone who is transforming into a new form and fully owns new health bar, or if the same battle contains waves of enemies, the retry menu can get cluttered because you now have three reset options:

  • Retry from before the current battle
  • Try again from this battle
  • Try again from before the battle

The best example of this is the game’s final battle, so to avoid spoilers I won’t mention who you’ll fight (although you can probably guess it). Let’s say you fight Monster 1, then Monster 2, then Monster 3 in a series of battles.

Suppose you fight Monster 2 after defeating Monster 1. “Retry before combat” works the same way as before: you’ll be returned to the non-combat portion of the game. “Retry from before the current battle” will take you to the beginning of Monster 2’s battle sequence. Meanwhile, “Retry this fight” will start you from Monster 1’s fight sequence.

Final Fantasy 7 Reborn's menu screen shows different options for resetting the battle.

Note: The background has been blurred to avoid spoilers.
screenshot: Square Enix/Claire Jackson/Kotaku

“Currently” is the key word here. This refers to the battle you are currently fighting. The problem with the second option is that the “this battle” language may make it sound like it’s referring to the battle you’re fighting right now, but that’s not the case.

Although I’m still very curious about many aspects of rebirthThe language for the retry battle screen was probably one of my first questions during development, was this confusing to people in playtesting? Is this a translation problem? Is anyone else confused? Regardless of why this happens, just know that “Before Combat” takes you out of combat entirely, “Current Combat” resets a specific phase of the combat, and “This Combat” resets the entire combat.

I wish I didn’t have to write a guide for something like this, but here we are. have fun!

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