Where to find new suppliers

A villager stands in front of a bookstore with a hot air balloon next to him.

Stardew ValleyThe eight-year-old cozy farming sim has been made new again thanks to the latest patch. Update 1.6 Launched on March 19, it brings a long list of bug fixes, changes, and new content to the game. Years after its release, that’s enough to keep new and old players invested.One of the most interesting additions a player can encounter Stardew Valley 1.6 is a new businessman, a bookseller, his name is Marcello. Here you can find out the game’s newest resident, and exactly what he’s selling.

where is Stardew Valley Bookseller?

Look for Stardew ValleyThe newest resident, Marcelo, can be completed by heading to the northeast corner of the map. From your farm, head to the easternmost point of the map, across the river, to the Joja Mart. When you can no longer go east, you should see a staircase leading north. At the top of the stairs you’ll find Marcelo’s Books – although vendors will only appear randomly for two days each season, indicated by a hot air balloon icon on the calendar, otherwise there will be no store at all at this location. You’ll also get an on-screen message at the start of the day when Marcelo’s shop is open, notifying you that “The Bookseller is in town today.”

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