FF7 Rebirth The best material to debuff enemies

Final Fantasy VII Reborn Can throw lots of enemies to you.Fortunately, you will have a variety of healing spell, Magic attack, unique abilitiesand Weapon skills At your disposal.Although you can Enhance your partyyou can debuff The same goes for your enemies, making them more susceptible to your attack.

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Debuffs can be very effective, but final fantasy As a series, it’s unfortunate that most bosses are immune to them, leaving normal enemies a fair fight.Nonetheless, some ability Characters like Poison or Debrave will prove effective against many of the bosses in the game.Always assess the enemy to see what they are resistant to and keep an eye on their resistance Material List here to gain an advantage over the opposition.


Binding materials allows you to cast up to three spells. At first level, you can cast Sleep to put your enemies to sleep. At second and third levels, you can cast Silence and Fury respectively. The former limits your target’s ability to cast magic, while the latter makes it more vulnerable to damage (although it can also do more damage while raging, so keep that in mind). You can find binding materials at:

  • Can be purchased at most item and material shops once you arrive at Gongaga
  • Central coal mine in the old South Corel mining area
  • Earned an A grade in piano performance of “Alice’s Theme”


Depriving Power allows you to effectively reduce an enemy’s physical and magical attacks. You can find it at:

  • Can be purchased at most item and material shops once you arrive at Gongaga


Deprivation of power will reduce the enemy’s attack power, while weakening will reduce the enemy’s defense. Level 1 deprotection will reduce the physical defense, and level 2 deprotection will reduce the magic defense. You can find energy materials from:

  • Part of Yuffie’s starting equipment
  • Near Corel Foothills Rest Area
  • Available from most item and material stores after Chapter 10


Poison is a very handy material as it affects a wide range of enemies and you can combine it with protective materials to gain resistance. You can find poison from:

  • Part of the Red XIII launch kit
  • Available from most item and material stores after Chapter 4
  • Located on the upper level of Bandit’s Bluff in the Dust Bowl
  • Rewards for “Gongaga Area Intelligence: Level 1” in Chadley Battle Simulator


Petrification is a nice two-in-one material: Not only does it cast Mjolnir, but it also turns enemies to stone through Petrification. You can combine this orb with a protective substance to increase resistance to petrifying itself. This is especially handy since having all members of your party petrified will result in a game over. You can find petrochemicals at:

  • Developing in the Gongaga region with Chadley

poisoning and petrification

Like Fire and Ice or Lightning and Wind materials, Poison and Petrify allow you to cast creatures and Mjolnir. This is an effective way to save space in your character’s material slots. You can find poison and petrified materials in the following locations:

  • Developed in the Cosmic Canyon area with Chadley after Chapter 10

Don’t forget the time material!

I incorporate time material into our best Party Polishing Materials Listbut while it can cast Haste to speed up your character, you can also cast Slow and Stop at higher levels, making it buff and debuff material.


Subversion is crucial against enemies that like to cast Barrier, Mana, Shield, or Reflect on themselves. At level 2, this material will allow you to use Dispel, which will allow you to cancel any buffs from your enemy. You can find Subversion materials at:

  • Can be purchased at most item and material shops once you arrive at Gongaga
  • Next to the reactor rest area – Gongaga Reactor B4
  • Near the Altar of Redemption in the Ancient Temple

While you can defeat most enemies by simply outpowering them, clever use of debuffs can make your targets more vulnerable to your attacks. This is especially true for substances that lower an enemy’s magic defense, allowing you to use lower level spells and save MP.

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