The best video game weapons ever

A collection of video game guns sit on a shelf.

image: 343 Industries / Bungie / Bethesda / Xbox Game Studios / Square Enix / PlatinumGames / Kotaku / santiago1012 (Shutterstock)

In video games, how good are your weapons.try to pass Elden RingThe toughest boss fight without a powerful sword, or a tough multiplayer match Halo 3 No need to grab the needle gun and unload the incoming ghost.Even the most elite gamers among us owe part of their talent to the quality of the tools in their virtual hands—here’s why call of Dutygun customization This is a hot topic.

Weapons can serve multiple functions (not just kill) and can come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes the weapons are historically accurate, like the katana in Katana. ghost of tsushima or gun Red Dead Redemption.Sometimes, they lean into the sci-fi or fantasy elements of the game, e.g. blind spotPlasma Cutter or Magic Sword from FromSoftware Games. Sometimes, they can be completely ridiculous, like in “Dubstep Gun.” saints row 4 or Bayonettahigh-heeled pistol.

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but one favorite A weapon is a very specific thing, and the reasons you like it may be very different from the reasons someone likes a different gun, sword, or bow. Maybe your favorite weapon is one that requires extra effort to acquire, or maybe you like it because it’s tried and tested and you feel most capable when using it. Maybe you like a weapon just because it looks cool, and you know what, that’s a fact.

we ask my city What are employees, industry peers, and people at X (formerly Twitter)’s all-time favorite video game weapons and why. Below are just some of the many answers we got.

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