NCSoft confirms development of Guild Wars 3

Guild Wars 2 characters prepare for battle.

image: arena network

ArenaNet’s fantasy MMO is over a decade old Guild Wars 2 roll out.Since its PC debut in 2012, the team has released multiple expansions and updates, the latest being a 2023 version obscure secrets. There are also two expansion packs still in development, which will be released this year and 2025 respectively. Guild Wars 2 Players will not be harmed by new content. That’s why the news that ArenaNet is developing a third game in the series is so shocking.

This news comes from the NCSoft shareholders meeting (according to Korean media reports) Because of the text and translated by Reddit user Sydius), which publisher co-CEO Park Byung-moo casually named Guild Wars 3 When discussing franchises. He confirmed that the game is in development, but didn’t provide any other information beyond that. The immediate reaction from the community was mixed. New games are often an exciting prospect, but in the age of regularly updated live-service games, sequels can sometimes mean the loss of years of investment as the community moves on to the next big thing.

Fans open Reddit They worry about how long it will take Guild Wars 2 will If ArenaNet moves forward, remains active Guild Wars 3.Will the two continue to be updated regularly or will the studio eventually move to Guild Wars 3 full time? These are the uncertainties of live streaming games, games in which people living in the digital age have invested their time and money. will disappear Because the company doesn’t think they’re worth maintaining. Guild Wars 2 It’s been going on for so long and is still being expanded because it has a dedicated community, so it’s understandable that some might view mere suggestions of new games as a sign that a chapter is coming to an end.But whatever the case may be, release Guild Wars 3 It seems very far away.

the whispering one Guild Wars 3 It’s been circulating for several years my city ArenaNet is reportedly in the early stages of making a sequel Back to 2019. However, it had not yet been approved at the time, so things have changed significantly in the years since.

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