Spyro the dragon will reportedly return in new game

remember Spyro the dragon, a cute purple flying lizard that collects gems and breathes fire? It’s been a minute since he released his brand new game, huh? Well, that looks set to change, as developer Toys for Bob appears to be working on a new mainline game for the long-dormant platformer series.

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according to Video of March 27 Created by Canadian YouTuber Guy Eh, who is famous for his reporting Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon series, Spyro the dragon 4 in development. At the beginning of his nearly 10-minute video, he flatly says this is true. “There is no theory building, no evidence-based hypotheses, no conspiracy, not even heavy-handed innuendos,” he said. “Spyro the dragon 4 Under development, period. “

The YouTuber explained that in parksideHe heard about the new Sparrow game. He spoke to several people at the show, from creators to developers to journalists, and they heard the same signs: Sparrow Back with a brand new game. Then, on March 23, Windows Center Published an article Regarding Toys for Bob’s deal with Microsoft for their first game, Canadian Guy Eh further asked sources what they’ve heard about Toys for Bob, and Sparrow.That’s when, he said, he got confirmation Spyro the dragon 4 in development.

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“As of March 2024, Spyro the dragon 4 It’s currently under development,” Canadian Guy Eh said in the video. “The project is being handled by Toys for Bob, with development starting around January 2024. Now that Toys for Bob is independent, they are now free to work directly with Microsoft on projects without the bureaucracy of Activision or the risk of being moved to other projects. Other, bigger Activision projects are doing it at their own expense,” he said, before making a not-so-subtle reference to Toys for Bob’s 2023 multiplayer emergency rescue team rumble.

Canadian Guy Eh clarified that since the development Spyro the dragon 4 The project is reportedly launching around January 2024, but is still in its early stages. As a result, it may be postponed, canceled, put on hold, or changed into something entirely new. “So, while I’m excited about the new Sparrow The game is currently in development and is in a very delicate position at the moment,” he said. “Just because it’s in development now, doesn’t mean it never will be [be released]”.

my city Microsoft and Bob’s Toys have been contacted for comment.

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The last main line Spyro the dragon The game is from 2008 The Legend of Spyro the Dragon: Dawn of the Dragonsthe game was developed by now-defunct French studio Étranges Libellules SA, with Spyro the Dragon starring in the first game. popular Skylanders franchise year 2011, Sparrow When Toys for Bob remastered the first three games in 2018, the series had been dormant for a decade Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy.If this report is true, then by then Spyro the dragon 4 Arrived, probably about 20 years have passed Sparrow Saw a new title. I know a colleague of mine who would be very happy with this news.

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