The Royole FlexPai is a truly unique device

Phablets have indeed become quite popular for a while now, as this particular niche device sits somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet. However, Royole had completely different ideas when it launched the Royole FlexPai, which has a second-generation Cicada Wing fully flexible display while running on a custom Water OS. It can be a smartphone if you prefer, or it can be easily transformed into a tablet by folding it open. The choice is yours.

The FlexPai foldable smartphone is based on Royole’s Flexible+ platform, and in the future, it can be easily integrated into a wide range of products and applications across many industries. Elegantly designed with multiple form factors in mind, you can choose to have the FlexPai support split-screen mode and multitasking when unfolded. Not only that, but it also supports drag and drop across applications, allowing users to share functions like on a computer, automatically adjust the screen size, and provide an enjoyable video viewing and gaming experience.

Or, when it’s folded, the FlexPai will be able to support dual screens with separate operations at the same time. The interfaces of the main and secondary screens can interact with each other. If you want, you can use them independently without interfering with each other. Beyond that, users of the FlexPai will be the recipient of notifications on the edge screen’s sidebar, which helps manage calls, messages, and other notifications that might interfere with the use of the primary and secondary screens.

Most people will wonder how durable the FlexPai really is. First, it passed more than 200,000 bending, twisting and stretching tests, and you can fold the FlexPai into different angles at will without missing a beat. Water OS will be able to automatically adjust different viewing modes for different folding angles and user scenarios, from capturing candid moments to productivity software and gaming sessions. It has a 20MP camera, a microUSB slot, a fingerprint sensor, USB-C charging, and stereo speakers.

No word on pricing yet, but it’s safe to assume it won’t be cheap when it hits the market.

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