How to use Google Home for the web

Main points

  • Access Google Home on any computer through a web browser like Chrome for larger smart home device management.
  • New features added in March 2024 include clip review, clip length customization and automated script creation.
  • Google is also testing new features in the Google Home mobile app.

The Google Home app can manage your smart home devices from anywhere, but sometimes small phones aren’t the easiest to use. Thankfully, you can access Google Home from any computer using a web browser. The online version of Google Home allows you to access smart camera information on a larger screen. It also hides beta features that are not yet available on the mobile app.


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Google Home web version has been available since 2022. However, the recent March 2024 update brings more features to the platform. This includes the ability to view clips, whereas previously you could only view live footage. Additionally, the web app now allows users to customize the length of clips before downloading. It’s also possible to use the software’s built-in artificial intelligence to write custom automation scripts, something you can’t currently do in mobile apps. At the same time, Google announced a public preview of a feature designed to notify users when their Nest camera detects that their garage door is not open. However, the tool is currently only available in the mobile app.

How to use Google Home from any computer

You can accomplish many different tasks with Google Home for the web – the first step is to access it.

  1. Open a web browser, preferably Google Chrome.
  2. navigation
  3. Sign in with the same account you use to access the Google Home mobile app.

Now you can view your camera, manage your daily tasks, and more from here.

Google Home for the web only works with browsers that support both
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What can you do with Google Home for the web?

Once logged into the website, navigating and finding the different options feels similar to using the mobile app. However, the functionality of the web app is a bit different than the mobile option. Here are some things you can do with Google Home on your web browser:

  • View live video. Click the camera icon on the left sidebar. All camera live views are here. If you only have one camera, the footage will appear in a large window, while multi-camera households will see smaller previews of each camera feed. To view a camera in full screen, click the camera’s preview and then click the full screen icon.
  • View your clip history. You need a Nest Aware subscription to save and view clips longer than three hours. According to Google, the clip history feature will launch in March; it may not be accessible to all users until the full rollout is complete.
  • Download custom clip lengths. Unlike the mobile app, the Google Home web version allows you to trim videos before downloading them. This allows you to easily get shorter clips, which is especially useful if you have slow download speeds. Click on the desired camera and find the event in the timeline. Then, click the Download button (arrow icon). In the video timeline, use the blue handles to select the part of the video you want, then select Save Clip.
  • Turn camera on and off. You can use the switch to turn the smart camera on and off from the browser.
  • Add new automation using scripts (Public Preview). Google’s app offers many different ways to create smart home routines. However, if the app doesn’t provide a specific command, you can create one using a script in Google Home for the web. Typically, this requires coding skills, but Google has integrated its AI assistant into the software to help newbies. In the web application, click Automation and select Add New. Use the “Help me script” option on the right to enter what you want the system to do.
  • Picture-in-picture (coming soon). It’s not available yet, but Google says it’s working on a picture-in-picture feature.

smart home review-nest-camera-outdoor-review-image4How to try beta or public preview features on Google Home

The web version of Google Home itself is a public preview. This means that when you log in, you’ll see a yellow beaker icon in the corner indicating that you’re using pre-release software. When you first log in, you’ll also see a popup informing you that you’re using a beta feature and what it means.


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The mobile app also offers some beta features.To turn on these early access features, open the Google Home app and go to set up > public preview and click Join public preview. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Google is currently testing upcoming features in public preview, including custom clip lengths, garage door detection, and a script editor. Some of these beta features have known issues.


Q: Can you use Google Home on the web?

Yes, Google Home’s web platform allows you to view camera feeds and history, as well as view live streams, download clips, and access automations. However, the web platform is still in public preview.

Q: Can I use Google Home on my PC?

Although the Google Home app is not designed for desktop computers, some options can be accessed from your PC by using Google Home in a web browser such as Chrome.

Q: What is the Google Home app? Do I have to have it?

The Google Home app is a platform for managing the brand’s smart home devices, including cameras, thermostats, lights and more. While you can access some features through a web browser, to receive push notifications and access your home devices on the go, you’ll need to download the Google Home app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Q: Is the Google Home app free?

Google Home is a free app designed to work with the company’s smart home devices. While the app itself is free, the device is not. Some features, like facial recognition and storing smart home camera footage for more than three hours, require a Nest Aware subscription.

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