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Last year, CBS Studios revealed it was adapting the hit social mystery game between us into animated tv show infinite train Owen Dennis. As weird as it was and still is, you have to wonder who ended up voicing the small crew at the heart of it many others animated tv shows There are some pretty well-known actors lending their talents to this thing these days.

The main voice actors in the series are key role Ashley Johnson, Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Randall Park (office), and Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood. Park will play the red teammate, Johnson will play the purple, Brown will play the orange and Wood will play the green. As for other cast members Blue, Black, Yellow, etc., their actors are currently keeping silent.

this between us The show will maintain the game’s core premise of a spaceship crew going on a mission while shape-shifting imposters eliminate them one by one. To this end, each crew member has a specific mission. Red is the captain of the Skeld, purple is the head of security with trust issues, orange is the “spineless corporate liar” in HR, and green…is just an unpaid intern who’s happy to be there.Select interns based on imposter feel also Easily, but Elijah Wood also loves playing little weirdos, so who knows.

between us (The show) is still in production, but as of this writing, CBS Studios has not yet chosen a network or streamer to air it on. With us in the midst of a video game adaptation craze, let us know in the comments if you think this show would be great.

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