The Lost Crown is getting DLC ​​soon

The protagonist of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown looks up to the sky, slightly covering his eyes to block the sun.

It’s been two months Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Metroidvania came out, but developer Ubisoft Montpellier didn’t give up on the excellent 2.5D side-scrolling Metroidvania.The studio announced the game’s 2024 DLC roadmap on March 13 and confirmed lost crown It will receive three free expansions by the end of 2024, as well as a new story DLC. “More details are coming soon,” but let’s start with what we know.

A free update called “Warrior’s Path” is rolling out this month. It will feature permadeath and speedrun modes, as well as a new costume for protagonist Sargon. In the spring, this could mean anytime between March 19 and June 20, lost crown You’ll get a boss rush mode so you can defeat the toughest enemies in the game with ease, and give Sargon more outfits to add to his splendor. Finally, summer (sometime between June 20 and September 22) will introduce new amulets, combat, platforming and puzzle challenges, and, you guessed it, another costume for Sargon .If Ubisoft continues like this, I’m worried Our Killmonger Clone He needed a wardrobe to store all the clothes he kept snapping up.

However, the actual content of the update will be released later this year. Ubisoft Montpellier didn’t reveal specific details, but we do know it’s a new story DLC. I’m just as curious as you are about what this means, especially given the game’s ending. But we can already glean one detail from the images shared by the studio. While other DLC titles are labeled “free,” this additional story content is not, suggesting it may need to be purchased separately. Perhaps this means it will be a major addition to Metroidvania, which is always welcome.

lost crown is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s legendary action-adventure series. Sargon follows a soldier from an elite warrior tribe, the Immortals, as he tracks down a missing prince while solving the mystery of a city trapped in a time loop.It’s a retro side-scrolling game that’s both easy to play and challenging, especially when Basically a feature that makes backtracking less annoying. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend you give it a try, and if you need an excuse to play, this batch of DLC might be the carrot that tempts you.

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