Threads adds “Top” page, closer to old Twitter

Threads U.S. users will finally be able to see trending topics on the app, a long-time staple of Twitter, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on Tuesday. The Popular Now page appears below the theme’s search bar.

“Trending Now is now available in the U.S. so you can see what people are talking about on Threads,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement. Post on the topic.

Yuan Tested popular pages on Threads earlier this year It’s called “Today’s Topic.” The company appears to have changed the name of the page to something more familiar. The Trending page has been a staple of Threads competitor Twitter for years and is widely considered the missing feature of the Threads platform.

Threads’ new “Popular” page

Threads’ new “Popular” page
screenshot: Yuan

The top topics on day one of the Threads Trending Now page were: Aaron Taylor Johnson, the Spring Equinox, Bruce Willis’ birthday, Hong Kong’s national security law, and former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba. The page appears to link to the most popular topics on the platform that day.

Meta launched Threads last summer, it had 49 million users within two days of its launch. Then all the hype faded away as the millions of people who signed up when the platform first launched stopped using it.Since then, Meta has continued to add new features, such as Web browser version,A A function similar to forwarding is called forwardingor even an edit button.These new features make Threads a popular app again, Meta said last month There are more users now than at launch.

Trump’s lawyers and Hong Kong’s national security law, two relatively political topics, became hot topics on the first day that Threads’ “Trenching Now” feature was launched.Despite Mehta’s firm stance, politics continue to evolve Thread is not a place for it.Mehta says it will Do not actively promote political content On Threads, despite the company’s claims it won’t be downgrading it either.

The social media app is still missing some key features that make it like Twitter. There are hashtags on Threads, but they don’t work as well as on Twitter and other platforms, so it’s hard to find everything about a topic. Threads has not yet integrated DM into the platform. However, Meta seems to be updating the app every few weeks to make it more like Twitter.

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