New Office series are under active development

‘The Office’ creator Greg Daniels is teaming up with Nathan for You’s Michael Koman to develop a new series in the same continuity, but it won’t be sequel. yeah?

Sitcoms are a genre of television that continues to work Just right Available to studios, streaming giants and cable broadcasters. They are cheap (and fast) to write and produce, and can last for years or even decades if necessary. Of course, with every Hollywood powerhouse looking through their library of once-successful properties, it was only a matter of time before The Office rebooted.

Plans for a comeback of NBC’s hit US sitcom (which also has a pretty good BBC series) have been in the works for some time, but no formal commitment has been announced. Now, Deadline has revealed that Universal Television is doubling down on the potential spin-off series, which isn’t actually being described as a reboot or remake, but rather as an ongoing sequel focusing on a completely different office and company.

Daniels has reportedly been “working with a group of writers on The Office Universe” before “becoming a leading creative voice” with Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You” (2013-2017) co-creator Michael Korman. Extension”. The choice makes sense, as “Nathan for You” is another documentary-like workplace comedy that works so well that it makes Corman a perfect fit to lead a team of writers and try to open up an enticing enough stage. In addition, Koeman and Daniels also have many connections in real life, so this is not the first time they have collaborated.

In fact, both Universal and Daniels view the yet-to-be-greenlighted series as a spiritual successor rather than a nostalgic continuation of a story that ended in a (mostly) satisfying way in 2013. The facts are encouraging. Many beloved sitcoms, such as Family Fun , are resurrected but struggle to hit the mark, ultimately cheapening the original conclusion.

After years of trying to make an Office reunion, maybe the best thing to do is put the original series behind you… even if there might be an exciting cameo.

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