8 Ways to Extend iPhone Battery Life

No one likes being stuck with an outlet at home, or dealing with a dead phone on the go. It’s crucial that your phone has long-lasting battery life.when iPhone Over time, its battery will suffer, resulting in a shortened lifespan.If you think your iPhone If the results don’t last as long as before, follow these tips. They won’t eliminate battery damage, but they will ensure you get the most out of every charge.

Turn off background refresh

iPhone apps tend to refresh automatically to be ready for you when you launch them. While this is helpful, it keeps draining your battery in the background. Imagine how much battery it would consume if your phone had apps loaded.

It’s okay to turn off background app refresh as they can always be refreshed on startup.go General > Background App Refresh > Background App Refresh (again) and select leave.

Limit location services

Location Services is another thing running in the background that drains your battery without your knowledge.You waste a lot of battery always Share your location with certain apps. You should change this to only when you are using the app.

Go to Settings > Privacy And browse the list of apps to see if there is one that says “Always” in front of its name.When you see one, click on it and Select when using the app from the list.If you feel the app doesn’t need your location, feel free to no way.

Compiling this list from time to time can help you save a lot of battery and be more secure in terms of privacy.

Observe phone temperature

According to Apple iPhone User Guide, iPhone is designed to operate at an ambient temperature of 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) and to be stored at a temperature of -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C). The guidance also adds that iPhone battery life may be reduced if stored or operated outside of these temperature ranges.

This means that to optimize your iPhone’s performance, you need to watch its temperature. If you’re out in cold weather, tuck it into your jacket pocket as much as possible to stay warm. If you feel it starting to get hot while charging, remove it from the charging case so it can breathe.

Turn on low power mode

This is obvious. Low power mode reduces background activity such as automatic downloads and email retrieval, and reduces the monitor’s refresh rate. This can make your phone consume less battery. You’ll still receive all notifications and your phone will work normally.

Low power mode is automatically activated when the battery power drops below 20%.However, if you want to activate it manually, go to Settings > Battery and Turn on the switch for low power mode.

It would be easier to add the feature to Control Center, so all you have to do is Swipe down on the display and Click on the battery icon When you want to activate this mode.To add it to your control center, navigate to Settings > Control Center and Click the green plus icon next to Low Power Mode.

Turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data and AirDrop leave

Again, this is a very obvious and simple question. Features like Wi-Fi and Airdrop drain the battery by constantly looking for nearby connections. For example, it’s a good habit to turn all of these off when you go to bed.

To turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data, Swipe down from the upper right corner of the display and Click on the respective icon. If you succeed, everything will turn gray. You can also turn it off in Settings. Go to each menu (Wi-Fi, Settings, Bluetooth) and Turn off their respective toggle switches.

For airdrops, please visit Settings > General > Airdrop and Click Receive Off.

Turn down brightness

There’s a reason Low Power Mode makes the display less bright. The higher the brightness, the shorter the battery life. Unless you’re outdoors and absolutely need all those nits, turn down the brightness in Control Center.

Swipe the display down from the upper right corner of the screen and then Slide the brightness slider down Just what you want.Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and Adjust the brightness slider There is another way to do this on this page.

Turn on auto-lock

The longer the monitor is on, the more power it consumes. If you always turn off the display when you manually put your phone down, turn on auto-lock.you need to go Settings > Display & brightness > Auto-Lock. After seeing all the options, Change it from Never to the option of your choice. Anything two minutes or less should be fine.

If Auto-Lock is greyed out, it’s because your Low Power Mode is activated. You automatically default to 30 seconds, which is even better. However, it can be helpful to have this information on hand when you want your monitor to last longer.

Update iOS

Think of this as the “turn it off and on again” technique.It works with everything from Make your iPhone run faster to extend its battery life. New iOS versions bring bug fixes and updates that help improve the overall performance of your phone. Whenever something goes wrong with your phone, it’s a good idea to check if you’re using the latest software version, and if not, update it.

Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update will tell you if an update is needed.

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